Science is not the domain of scientists

Science is figuring out what the truth is.

This is practiced by and accessible to everyone. It is not the domain of people who walk around in lab coats.

Indeed, many ‘scientists’ don’t have this as a primary goal in a given situation – rather, it’s getting grants, garnering esteem, getting invited to cocktail parties, and so on.

To this extent, ‘scientists’ are often doing less science than people who wouldn’t consider themselves to be scientists.

This is because, in everyday life, typically people do value truth primarily in what they’re doing. Most day-to-day actions aren’t about getting grants, say, to study such-and-such. Rather, you just want to figure out how to fix this or that, or find this or that, or create a kind of thing that works, and so on. Your primary impetus is, usually, the truth.

(Some ‘scientists’ may be more of scientists in their day-to-day affairs outside of bureaucratized, grant-seeking, status-seeking ‘science’ than inside of it, unfortunately.)

The good news: doing science is easy to start (start trying to figure out what the truth is), and – indeed – you’re already doing science on a day-to-day basis, in all sorts of things.

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