What is the relation between one’s will and God’s will?

To the minds of the many the true meaning of the will of God has not been made perfectly clear; therefore the majority, even among those who have strong spiritual tendencies, hesitate to give up to the absolute direction of higher power. There is a slight dread in the mind of the average person whenever he thinks of entering the uncertainty and the mysteriousness of the seeming void, and as long as things are reasonably well he does not care to give up to some power he knows nothing of. And as a true understanding of higher power can not be found among the many, there are, accordingly, but few who can actually declare, with the whole heart, “Thy will be done.” We frequently pray for His will to guide us, nevertheless we inwardly expect to use our own wills in mostly everything we do. But such prayers are not true to the spirit, and therefore they prevent the soul from actually discerning the real meaning of God’s will ; and also prevent the mind from becoming a perfect channel for the expression of His will.

(Christian Larson, The Pathway Of Roses, 1912)

A good summary of what happens. So what is the true meaning of the will of God?

To align oneself with the will of God is to align oneself with the Good. That is to say, to do things because they are good. The idea in Christianity is that the Good is moving towards a bringing about of a complete actualization of Goodness. In more Christian terms, God has a plan to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a bringing together of the mundane and the divine, which is to say the bringing into the world of goodness. The Kingdom of Heaven is the result of a transformation of aspects of the world that are out of harmony with the Good. In part, that transformation is the result of our actions being guided by the Good (the Good acts through us).

Yet, often when people think of doing the will of God (i.e., the Good), they think of “entering the uncertainty and the mysteriousness of the seeming void.” Of course, God is Good, and so aligning one’s will with the Good leads to … good.

This good is two-fold, both for the person who aligns his will, and for the rest of the universe, which is thereby brought into closer harmony with the good – so the idea goes in Christianity.

As Larson goes on to say

The true will in every soul is an individualization of Infinite Will, and the true use of the individual will means the doing of the will of God. The Infinite Will does not seek to control things, but seeks eternally to give itself to things. And here lies the secret in correctly using the human will, and in placing the human will in perfect harmony with God’s will. When you can say with the whole heart, “Thy will be done,” you are not giving up your own will, but you are placing your own will and the whole of your life in oneness with God and in harmony with the universal order. Therefore, when you do the will of God your own will becomes right, and becomes infinitely stronger than it ever was before.

That is, it is not an extinction of the will, but a right alignment, which magnifies it and the power of your actions to bring about good.

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