Is Jesus a Spiritual Master?

Sometimes, Christianity is presented in Trinitarian terms, so one is presented with the choice

Is Jesus one of three consubstantial persons who make up God, or is it all nonsense?

I am not sure what Trinitarian formulations of Christianity actually mean, so if presented with that dichotomy, I might go for the latter.

(This is often combined with various other theological notions that have been read into Christianity in various places, such as the standard view of the Christian ‘omni’ God, imported into Christianity from certain philosophical movements.)

Yet, various formulations of Christianity don’t frame things in Trinitarian terms.

Instead of starting with the first (false) dichotomy, you can start with another question.

Is Jesus of Nazareth a spiritual Master?

For example, does the evidence suggest he had aligned his will with God’s to an exceptional degree? Does it suggest he had a strong connection with God? Do the (recorded) teachings and actions suggest he had particular wisdom or insight into spiritual matters? And so on.

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