What is the problem of natural evil really about?

Typically, the problem of natural evil notes cases of extended, significant suffering. From this, it infers a lack of something like the Christian God.

It is natural evil in the sense that it doesn’t directly have to do with human actions.

If the Christian view is taken seriously, however, the problem isn’t why there is suffering, but rather why there is an existence before something like Heaven at all.

This is because almost all times when people are in the mundane existence, they are not full of blissful rapture, say. They do not have the ‘beatific vision’, to use Christian terminology. So, why any of these sorts of non-optimal¬†experiences, instead of just skipping that and going directly to Heaven?

Rather than being the totality of the theoretical problem, it is the instances of extended, significant suffering which make the theoretical issue emotionally acute. It causes us to seriously start to push towards a coherent view of the universe, and make sense of various ideas (like an ‘omni’ God) in light of experiences in mundane existence.

So, instead of ‘why is there suffering?’, the question becomes ‘why is there existence besides a Heavenly existence at all?’

This is to ask, what is the point of non-Heavenly existence? This question in turn leads to the question, what is the context of mundane existence?

3 thoughts on “What is the problem of natural evil really about?

  1. Bruce Charlton

    Yes – a well made point. There has to be a very good reason for all the ‘rigmarole’ of mortal incarnate life on Earth – both for Men and for Jesus. There has to be a reason why we do not either stay in Heaven (and don’t bother with incarnate mortal life on earth) or else go directly to Heaven at the moment of creation (or, perhaps, go to Heaven at the instant of conversion). It is this kind of consideration – which happens to be the kind of thing that most concerns me – that seems best covered and explained by Mormon theology.

  2. admin Post author

    More relevantly, individuals might find it useful to look at Mormon ideas in this area, Christian or not.


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