The Unicorn

[S]omeday the unicorn will suddenly appear at your side, eyes flashing, nostrils quivering, pawing the ground with impatience. When that happens, do not try to put a bridle on him, or to look for some task for him to do. He will not do it, and there will not be time. No sooner does he appear than off he will go again. So do not pause to think twice, do not turn to look behind you. Leap upon his back, for he is a flying steed, and he will wing his way to the gates of the morning. On that ride problems are not solved – they are dissolved.

(Emmet Fox, Diagrams for Living)

A beautiful metaphor! Fox here is giving an exegesis of The Book of Job, and using the mention of a unicorn as an opportunity to build a characterization of an aspect of the divine will.

Note that this characterization¬†would not happen if Fox were using the contemporary convention of substituting ‘wild ox’ for ‘unicorn’ in the relevant part of The Book of Job (Job 39:10 – Fox is using the original King James version).

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