Willpower and Ernest Holmes

Q. […] What is the right way to use willpower?

A. Because the will is a directive, not a creative force, you should use will to keep your mind and your thoughts focused. Do not use will in an attempt to force things to happen. (The Law, having been given direction, is what causes things to happen.) Will is an instrument of the intellect, not of the imagination. Use your will in making decisions and your feeling and imagination in bringing power to them. Remember that when imagination and will are in conflict, imagination invariably wins. This is because emotion strikes deeper in the wellsprings of being than does the intellect.

(Ernest Holmes, Questions and Answers on the Science of Mind, 2011, p. 59)

Wise words. Much frustration is caused by misunderstanding one’s own ability to cause things to occur – thinking there is a direct link between will and certain things occurring. Instead, will – more strictly understood – can be used to direct our focus. By developing an ability to focus, results can flow.

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