Tweaking George Harrison

There is a song called ‘My Sweet Lord’, which is about the Hindu Krishna. Krishna has many similarities to Jesus Christ, and is in some sense a Hindu equivalent of the Christ.

It is fairly straightforward to convert the song into a Christian one. The key verse containing part of the ‘Maha Mantra’ (Great Mantra) and reference to Krishna is

Hm, my Lord (hare krishna)
My, my, my Lord (hare krishna)
Oh hm, my sweet Lord (krishna, krishna)
Oh-uuh-uh (hare hare)

The key mappings are krishna -> Christus (Latin for Christ) and hare -> Jesus. A few more tweaks for some of the later lyrics in the song could also be made.

Given the rest of the lyrics, it fits in with songs about advent. If for some reason you find yourself singing the song and are a Christian, it might be more resonant with the changes.

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