How will the Kingdom of God be manifested?

How will the Kingdom of God be manifested?

Although Christians believe that the Kingdom of God (= Good) can (will) manifest, and this is central to Christian thought and practice, not as central is how it might manifest.

According to Christianity, if history and everyday experience are a guide, then God works through things to bring about certain results. He guides people who do things or achieves results through processes in time. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that the Kingdom of God might manifest through people or things being guided by God.

So, what are we looking for – what does the Kingdom of God (sometimes referred to as Heaven) look like according to Christianity? It is a society in which humans have healthful, vigourous, fully physical bodies that are immortal (so, aren’t programmed to die), where the society itself is functioning on a very high level, and where humans co-reign with the living (i.e., on-going) Christ (i.e., divine wisdom) as stewards of earth and the universe more generally speaking. (This is the grand vision of Christianity.)

It seems we are moving towards aspects of something like this right now, and the principle way to do that is science and technology guided by the good (in Christianity, = God). Science and technology are essentially ‘figuring out how things work,’ and given the Christian view of things, they also move us closer to possible stewardship, in alignment with the Christ, of the planet and the universe more generally.

Since from the Christian perspective God uses various technologies to guide the world towards the Good already, it seems this is a potential path to helping to bring about the Kingdom of God.

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