What is the basic idea with God and the right?

In Christianity, what is the basic idea about God and the right?

The basic idea is that God is or is aligned with the good, and seeks to bring into existence a universe in which the good is manifested.

This involves the idea that there is an ordering of the universe (and functioning of the beings in it) that is good (or closer to the good than otherwise).

Furthermore, according to Christianity, we can act in ways that get us closer or further away from this, and God can guide us in so doing.

There is debate about the exact relationship between God and what is right (is it right because God says so, or does God say so because that’s what’s right). Yet, it is sometimes easy to obscure the above basic aspect. Whatever the exact relationship between God and the right, according to Christianity the good is not something willy-nilly or an arbitrary thing.

I.e., according to Christianity, if what is right is right because God says so in some sense (as some think), then God saying so is part and parcel of His being as Goodness.

Furthermore, according to Christianity we have faculties which enable us to see what is good or right, and so if God were to say something contrary, we would be able to see that.

In this sense, then, the debate in the Christian context over the exact relationship between God and the right is to an extent academic.

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